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Sabro™ LUPOMAX™ 2019 // 8oz
Sabroâ„¢ LUPOMAXâ„¢ 2019 // 8oz

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Sabro™ LUPOmax™ Pellets // 2019

Consistent lupulin concentration for optimized hop flavor.

· Consistent lupulin concentration for optimized hop flavor ·
Sensory Plus™: process delivers consistency and true-to-type hop flavor ·
Lupulin standardization for reliable brewing performance ·
Reduces beer loss; more beer to drink ·
Available in Citra®, Mosaic®, SABRO® — more choices coming with Crop 2020! ·

“Bigger, bolder, brighter! The reduced vegetative matter of LUPOMAXTM pellets gives me a clean hop flavor and really saves on beer loss, too.
Can be used at any stage in the brewing process, but it really shines where flavor intensity and reducing beer loss matters most, like dry hopping.”

Virgil McDonald, HAAS Innovations Brewmaster

Use LUPOMAX™ wherever you use pellets: hot side, whirlpool, or dry hop
DOSING: Use 70% of whatever your normal pellet addition is.