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Jarryloâ„¢ Leaf / Whole Cone Hops (8oz / half Pound) - 2018 CROP! Jarrylo™ Leaf / Whole Cone Hops (8oz / half Pound) - 2018 CROP!


Named after the Slavic god of fertility, Jarrylo (pronounced Yar-i-low) is a unique variety bred by the ADHA. With Summit as its mother, Jarrylo was originally used in lots of lagers and pilsners, but has been successfully used in everything from Weizens to IPAs. It has a unique banana character that plays well with wheats and weizens, but it also inherited its mother's spicey notes, which are perfectly suited for Saisons and other belgian styles. Jarrylo has also been used as a bittering hop in pale ales and IPAs, lending a fresh fruit aroma of pears and oranges.

The Russian pronunciation is Yar-i-lo with the emphasis on the letter I.

Jarryło is the god of fertility, heralding spring. Often depicted as a barefoot young man (or more rarely a girl), in a white robe, a white horse, with a wreath on his head. Attributes of deity are based or sheaf of grain in one hand and in the other a human head.

Dual purpose

Aroma: Pear, orange, spicy, fruity
Alpha: 15- 17 %
Beta- 7.37
Co-Hum: 35.41
Co-Lup: 59.63

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Sale Price: $3.00
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Pekkoâ„¢ Leaf / Whole Cone Hops (8oz / half Pound) - 2018 CROP! Pekko™ Leaf / Whole Cone Hops (8oz / half Pound) - 2018 CROP!


Is another unique hop variety from ADHA, this one is named after the Finnish god of farming. Pekko has a complex herbal character that can be likened to mint, juniper, or sage. Because of this, the bitterness comes across as very clean and crisp with a pleasant bite. There are backing notes of tropical fruits and melons, but they are subdued in comparison to the herbal notes. The Alpha Acids range from 13-16%, making Pekko efficient when used as a bittering hop.Pekko™ is named for the Finnish God of Field and Crops. Pekko's™ complex and clean characteristics of floral citrus, and mint lend itself to many different styles of beer.

Aroma: Clean, Pleasant, floral, citrus, mint, herbal, mellow, pineapple, thyme, saaz-like cucumber, sage, touch of lemon

Alpha: 13-16%

BETA: 3.5-4.25 %
Total Oil: 2.1 - 2.7 ml/100g
Myrcene: 46-55% of total oils
Caryoph: 11-13% of total oils
Humulene 12-15% pf total oils
<1% total oils

Our Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $3.00
Savings: $4.99