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White Labs Yeast Nutrient Servomyces Capsules
White Labs Yeast Nutrient 1oz

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WLN3200 White Labs Servomyces

Pack of 6 Capsules

Biological zinc supplement that conforms to the restrictions of the Reinheitsgebot purity laws. Servomyces enables any yeast strain to incorporate essential nutrients into its cellular structure.

1. Cut down fermentation time
2. Promote flocculation
3. Greatly reduce sulfur compounds
4. Improve health and viability of yeast
5. Help reduce diacetyl at the end of primary fermentation

Add capsule(s) of Servomyces into wort 10 minutes before end of boil. If boiling not required, open capsule and pour content into wort or fermentor.

Store at room temperature. (68-78* F / 20-26* C)