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Australia / New Zealand Europe 2017 Variety Packs

-->Here you will find all of the 2017 import hop varieties.
---->Import hops are available in T90 pellets and packed in vacuum sealed double-walled mylar foils.
------->All of our hops are stored in ideal conditions to preserve the hop's most delicate oils.

AU = Australia
CZ = Czech
FR = France
GR = Germany
Hallertau = Growing Area within Germany
NZ = New Zealand
SL = Slovenia
UK = United Kingdom

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Galaxyâ„¢ Hops (8oz / Half Pound)  Australian 2016 CROP AU Galaxy™ Hop Pellets (2017 Crop) - 8oz
Our Price: $16.99
(Out of Stock)
Saaz Hops (2oz) Czech 2016 CROP CZ Saaz Hop Pellets (2oz) - 2017 CROP!
Our Price: $2.99
160 in stock!
Calista Hops (2oz) German 2016 GR Calista Hop Pellets (2oz) - 2017 CROP!
Our Price: $2.99
(Out of Stock)
Perle Hops (2oz) German 2016 CROP GR Perle Hop Pellets (8oz) - 2017 CROP!
Our Price: $7.99
164 in stock!